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I have a beautiful Lowrey Symphonic Theatre Organ which is from way back that needs a good home. I am giving it away. My husband was a musician and played it daily for years and years. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe there is a church or an organist who could enjoy it in his or her home? For additional information, please phone the present owner at (407) 351-9289 (Orlando in the Dr. Phillips area).

Posted 10/30/17 - 3/30/18*


Posted 11/15/17 - 4/15/2018

On November 9, 2017, Bob Nichols [bob@associated.net] wrote the following: “I have a neighbor being assigned to a nursing home. Her husband restored organs, and they have a Robert Morton Theatre Organ unassembled which is looking for a home - NO CHARGE - so they can sell their house Please pass this to interested parties - in the Dr. Philips area of Orlando”

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